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Top 5 Essentials You Need for your next Winter Hunting Trip

As a family of hunters, we understand the ins and outs of hunting like the back of our hands. As we’ve talked among ourselves, we thought we’d put together 5 Quick tips that’ll help your trip go smoother. Here they are:

1. A Spot On Clothing Game (Pt. 1)

After experiencing -10 to -20 degree Fahrenheit temperature days out in knee high snow, we understand the importance of a good set of layers. Now, we say layers because, in our opinion, that’s the easiest way to adapt your clothing to whatever the temperature brings that day.

On the bottom layer, we love synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon because they really excel at wicking moisture away from the skin. Less moisture = less cold. A middle layer, like a padded coat or vest will help lock in the heat that your body produces. Also, it’s important to note that none of your clothing actually creates the heat, it’s all about insulating your body’s natural heat that’s being produced and keeping out the cold weather that surrounds you.

2. A Comfortable Clothing Game (Pt. 2)

WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHES. We can’t stress this enough. If your cold weather clothing suffocates you and you feel like you can’t move, the hours and hours you move around outdoors will end up feeling much much longer. We recommend shopping around to find a set of clothing that feels good and is able to stretch as your body moves. Don’t skip on this. Try purchasing your gear in person rather than online in order to try everything out. If you’re going to wear a jacket over a bunch of other clothes, bring the other clothes to wear underneath the jacket.

Quick Tip: Make sure to practice hunting in your full gear before leaving home in order to make sure you have the full range of motion that you need once you’re on location.

3. Leave the Hydration Bladder at home

On late and cold hunts, hydration bladders end up completely useless. They freeze way too easily and are tough to thaw. Insulated bottles, although heavier, can really be an asset on long days when non-frozen water becomes ever more important. Better yet, hot water will keep you hydrated and warm at the same time when it’s really cold.

Plus, you can mix hot water with snow later in order to make more drinkable water down the road. In our experience, that’s what makes up for the slightly heavier downside of the thermos.

4. A Durable Canvas Tent to Keep You Warm at Night.

After a long day of trekking through thick snow, we’re often exhausted by the time we get back to camp. Although the gorgeous white landscape is mesmerizing throughout the day, at night, the biting cold always seems to get to our bones — even when wearing six or seven layers of thick clothing. The absolute worst hunting experience was when camp consisted of a small nylon/poly tent (what we sometimes call a “pantyhose tent”) and a small electric heater that didn’t do much. Definitely a long night!—kinda ruined the trip for all of us.

Then we discovered the real thing: Durable Canvas Tents.

Not only are they far more spacious than traditional nylon/poly tents, but they’re so much more durable. During big winter storms with 40+ mph winds, they hold up spectacularly and allow us to sleep soundly throughout the night. It really elevates our entire trip as we’re all able to share a singular tent and have room to spare. We’re able to cook breakfast in the tent and prepare for the hunt each morning without feeling cramped and cold.

The Problem? Most canvas tents have the stove on one side of the tent, causing bickering arguments among the group over who gets to sleep on the cot closest to it. If you lose the argument, you end up with freezing toes and fingers each morning. Also, without diving into the details, most Canvas tents are super heavy, hard to carry, and difficult to assemble. It makes setting up camp an absolute chore.

The Solution. Sick of the problems we faced on nearly every trip, we decided to do something about it. Teaming up with brothers from other mothers, we hand crafted a tent from scratch to avoid the problems we faced. Using a proprietary stove in the center, the Nomad Wall Tent provides even and consistent heat throughout the entire space. We’ve also made the pole system 3x easier to set up and take down, with far less complicated pieces to figure out. Also, each of the two bags weighs less than 60 pounds, so anybody can pack the tent and stove on a horse or mule, or throw it in the back of an F-250. It’s a hunter’s dream come true.

5. An Incredible Date to impress your Spouse when you get Home

Okay, okay. We know this doesn’t apply to everyone but hear us out. When you come back from the woods with a hundred pounds of meat to throw in the freezer, and a week’s worth of responsibilities you left behind, you need to earn the brownie points back. And FAST.

The best way to get back in good graces with your spouse is to take them out on a date night.

Note: I’m not talking about watching a football game or cooking up the meat you brought back.

A better idea: Pick them up and bring them out of the house and into the city for a night to remember. Go discover a new restaurant you’ve never been to, take them dancing, or out for drinks and a new movie they’ve been wanting to see. If you’re looking to get out and go somewhere new, we love these Reno Date Ideas. Even if you don’t live near Nevada, a guide like this can help spark ideas in your own city.

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