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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will my tent be shipped?

In stock items will ship next day. If not in stock, the production of a tent takes about 10 days to be completed. This process starts on the date of order. As soon as the tent is ready, the tent will be shipped out based on the shipping option you choose at checkout.

What is the Roamin Home warranty?

What makes Roamin Home tents different from other canvas tents?

Our tents are designed around humans, not dimensions. Most wall tents are defined by their size in terms of feet and inches, but a Roamin Home™ tent is defined by how well it  meets the needs of a given number of humans. Intensive design effort was applied to wind resistance, cot layout, heat location, pathways, ventilation, ease of use, setup and  takedown, and packability. Also, The result is a tent which improves the overall camping experience and minimizes fatigue and frustration.

Why canvas tents?

Canvas is made for the long haul. It is durable, breathable, water and mildew resistant, and resists sun damage. Also, because canvas does not burn without direct flame impingement, it’s great for wood burning stoves. If properly cared for, a canvas tent will last for generations.

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