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A Wall Tent Version Of The Tiny Home! Meet The Drifter Canvas Tent.

We started our company around our flagship wall tent, the 4-person Nomad.

Customers have enjoyed this tent and we've had great success with it. However, not unlike the regular housing market, there was a group that wanted a smaller version of the Nomad.

Enter the Drifter, Roamin Home's new 2-person wall tent. Think tiny home in tent form. Smaller by half, it still has all of the important features and packs a surprisingly roomy feel for it's size.

In production since spring of 2022, we've had very promising results from users. It is built around the need to have a quality camp in a very compact, packable unit that is easy and quick to set up. Yes, even faster than the Nomad!

The Drifter sets up in about 25 minutes. The complete package comes in three parts (tent, poles/parts, and stove) that weigh roughly 37 pounds each, sets up to 10.5' x 7.5' and is designed for a cot on each side with the stove in the center. This setup will keep you warm even on the coldest night with the stove and cool in the summer with the big side windows.

Sometimes the best things DO come in small packages!


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